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AAR publications cover just about every aspect of freight railroading, from the latest economic statistics (AAR), to proper means of loading and securing various freight shipments (Railinc), to research reports (TTCI). The AAR, RAILINC, and TTCI produce hundreds of publications intended to keep railroad industry professionals, railroad customers, and the public informed about railroads. All AAR, Railinc & TTCI publications can be found in our latest catalog (PDF).

AAR Members

AAR Members may download AAR publications in electronic form by logging on to the Members area above.

AAR Publications

AAR prepares weekly, quarterly and annual statistical reports providing an in-depth look into the operations of North American freight railroads. These publications provide economic, financial, policy, and general statistical information. AAR Publications can be purchased from our online catalog.

RAILINC Publications

Information about RAILINC publications, which cover interline services and data exchange, equipment registration, damage prevention and loading instructions, and the Railroad Reference Database, can be obtained from the RAILINC website.

TTCI Publications

AAR Publications Distributed by TTCI

Detailed information about AAR publications distributed by TTCI, covering technical standards and quality assurance, mechanical inspection, AAR Interchange Rules, and the results of TTCI research, is available in the publications catalog. Call for TTCI/AAR Publications at 877-999-8824 with any questions or to order TTCI publications.

Many of TTCI's publications are now available to be purchased online.

In summary, AAR publications distributed by TTCI publications include:

  • AAR Rules of Interchange
  • Field Manual (English or Spanish)
  • Office Manual (English or Spanish)
  • TOFC/COFC Interchange Rules
  • AAR Open Top Loading Rules
  • AAR Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices
  • AAR Circular Letters
  • AAR Scales Handbook
  • AAR Intermodal Specialty Items
  • Trailer Hitch Information Poster
  • Container Locks Lunchroom Posters
  • Intermodal Container Loading Securement Video
  • Intermodal Trailer and Container Securement Manual
  • Intermodal Trailer and Container Securement Video
  • Car Containers Manual for the Inspection/Maintenance of Double Stack Cars
  • AAR Intermodal Committee Loading Capabilities Guide (Free Download at
  • Results of TTCI Research on the AAR Strategic Research Program