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Chapter 1: Investment Paves the Path to Innovation





​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovatio​n Investments Underpin Remarkable Story Behind Railroad Safety​

​​Ed Hamberger discusses how the sweeping reduction in freight rail accidents and injuries is a direct result of the industry's rigorous development of safety innovations and upgrades to the nation's 140,000-mile rail network. As investments in new advances in infrastructure have accrued, accidents and injuries have plummeted.

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Ed Hamberger 


The train accident rate has fallen by 79 percent since 1980, a stunning figure that has been driven by a powerful force: innovation. Thanks to three decades of balanced regulation, freight railroads have been able to spend $600 billion on the freight rail network — enabling the industry to advance rail safety through new technologies, a commitment to research and testing, and employee training p​rograms. In 2016, freight rail will continue to invest in innovative technologies and practices and, in the process, reaffirm the industry’s unwavering commitment to safety.​​