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Freight railroads wind through thousands of cities and towns across the United States every day. That’s why railroads are dedicated to providing first responders from these communities with the training and resources they need to safely respond in the rare event of a train accident. In just two years, more than 3,300 emergency responders have received training in crude-oil-by-rail response techniques at the industry’s Security and Emergency Response Training Center in Pueblo, Colorado. Hundreds more have participated in the industry’s free online crude-by-rail safety course, which provides a primer for those who cannot travel to Colorado. Meanwhile, out in the field, freight rail’s AskRail app is making a difference. First responders like Lt. Jason Hensler of the Clyman, Wisconsin, fire department can use the app — as he recently did — to respond to a train incident. In 2016, the freight rail industry's efforts will continue to grow and prepare fire and rescue personnel to safely handle to any rail emergency.​